ACTRESS Gianna Jun (Jeon Ji Hyun) MARKET Kurly TVC

The beginning of advertising is
used as background music
Bobby Vinton, Mr. Lonely from Bobby Vinton,
It’s coming out.

in a purple building used as the main color of market collies.
With Jun Ji-hyun’s dance moves with a box of market collies,
It’s starting.

And on the close-up screen,
You’re so happy with the box.
We’re going to have to make sure we get the delivery early in the morning.
in a golden nightgown
You expressed it well!

Nightgown feels like a high-end material.
If you’re wearing it at home,
I think we can save money on heating.

The reason why the people who were going to the grocery store went missing is
It’s because of Market Collie’s early morning delivery.
You want to talk about…
purple color used everywhere
It’s kind of luxurious.

Jun Ji-hyun’s strong point is that she’s not the only one.
It’s usually a fashionista, but…
rustic but not rustic
It has a strange charm.

People come out on the streets.
With all kinds of food thrown into the sky,
I’m done.
He threw a game-winning shot at a specialized service
How far along is the high-flying of Makery?
We’re gonna have to wait and see if it’s going to happen, right?