Kim Yun A Driver’s Insurance TVC – KB Insurance company

Even in hot summer weather
The only thing that makes me smile
I envy you.
It’s hard to express a natural smile,
Figure queen Kim Yun A is challenging in this advertisement.

‘Ad model’

South Korea Figure Sports Star
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I just bought a car insurance for figure skating fairy Kim Yun A,
With a caption
Kim Yun A smiles many times.
The reason is I got a car insurance policy,
Get lots of discounts for cheap insurance 
It’s an ad made with a happy setting.

The reason I got the discount is
On the safe side
You drive a little, you get a discount.
We installed a black box and got another discount.
The benefit that made Yu-na laugh through insurance
It’s amazing because it’s more diverse than I thought.
I’ll tell you what I’m saying in the commercial.
Public transportation discount, children discount,
and T Map safe drive discount 
Reduce insurance premiums efficiently.

To summarize the concept of advertising
Use green as background to feel cool
It is neatly arranged in ivory and orange.
It looks comfortable with a smooth color arrangement.


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