Lee Byung Hun Motors TVC ‘Renault Samsung Mortors QM6 Challenge The Rule’

‘Ad copy’

The snow piled up.
The road is frozen.
So I decided to go safely today.
Take QM6
Renault – Nissan Technology ALL MODE 4X4-i
Do not give up on a day’s driving.
Renault Samsung Motors
Challenge The Rule

‘Ad Concept’

Top stars Lee Byung Hun and Woo Hyo Kwang have appeared side by side in a car advertisement.
Lee Byung Hun and Woo Hyo Kwang, who are popular actors in Korea and China,
and who are members of the same company,
communicate the merits of the new model based on popular popularity and reliability in advertising.

QM6’s 4WD system ‘All Mode 4X4-i®’.

Lee Byung Hun, who became the main model, expressed the advantages of the 4WD system on the QM6,
which helps safe driving in frequent snow and cold weather, and the advantages in real life.

In the morning of Lee Byung Hun,
who starts daily with QM6 without being surprised by the sudden heavy snowfall,
he tells many drivers who have to use the car every day
that the QM6 4WD does not need to give up a single day of driving.

‘Ad model’

South Korea Actor
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