Park ShinHye’s Profile

  • Movie

‘Cyrano Agency’

Secret love operation of men that women do not know
The ‘Cirano Agency’, which challenges 100% success rate, is a love manipulation unit that provides romance on behalf of people who are poor in love.

‘Miracle in Cell No.7’

‘The Royal Tailor’

‘My annoying brother’

‘Heart Blackened’

  • Drama

‘What a handsome man you are’

The story that happens when a woman who is a male man becomes a member of an idol band

‘Fall in Love’

With the love of the characters and hot friendship of the heroes who are heading for their dreams in the background of the art college with dance and song, acting and literature, a youthful melodrama with fresh youth and high dreams

‘My cute guys’

Romantic comedy drama

‘The heirs’

Trendy drama depicting the love and friendship of high school students


The drama depicting the life of the reporters of the social department who keeps track of the truth and the time of the 24-hour war,


Human medical drama, in which two men and women who have become doctors over the past hurts, grew up to meet various human beings and start their love once in their lifetime

  • Music Video

Park Shin Hye Music Video ‘JUNG JOON IL – WISH’


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