Park Shin Hye’s Cosmetics TVCF ‘Mamonde Mugunghwa moisturizing barrier cream that does not fall’

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Park Shin Hye >>>

Park Shin Hye >>>

Park Shin Hye >>>
Choke choke

Park Shin Hye >>>
Mugunghwa Moisture Barrier that does not fall

Park Shin Hye >>>

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Mugunghwa moisturizing barrier cream

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South Korea Actress
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Mugunghwa story … Mugunghwa, who smokes a new flower every day, boasts a vitality that is enough to bloom up to 5 thousand flowers in a single day.
We study the secrets of making a strong moisturizing barrier of the skin from the vitality of Mugunghwa that creates fresh new flowers every day and delivers amazing moisturizing ability

Skin barrier … The protective barrier of our skin, which is located in the stratum corneum on the outermost part of the skin. Sturdy skin barrier is one of the essential elements of healthy skin.
Take care of your skin barrier with Muraggye ceramide plus ingredients

Mugunghwa ceramide plus point … Mugunghwa ceramide plus ingredient which is strengthened by strong moisturizing factor of Mugunghwa provides close contact moisturization

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