Kang SoRa’s Healthy Drink TVCF ‘The World’s First Black Barley Tea’

‘Ad copy’

Kang So Ra >>>
Have you ever seen black barley like this?

Kang So Ra >>>
Darker with black barley, cleaner

Caption >>>
Korean black barley found at the end of the ground

Kang So Ra >>>
I can not drink anything else now.

Kang So Ra >>>
The first black barley in the world ‘Black barley’

 ‘Ad Concept’

Advertising model called directly
With the song ‘Black barley grows’
After the barley blows in the wind
A white scarf hangs on the neck in a barley field.
Black barley drinking barley tea
The appearance of Kang So Ra appears.
Scarf flying around his neck
Thirst relief and water replenishment are the perfect products
This is an indirect representation of the scene.

‘Ad model’

Korean Actress
Go to Kang SoRa’s Profile

‘Ad product’

A barley tea that evolved from Korean traditional drink
To make a healthier barley tea
The best barley varieties, black barley
Used as the main ingredient in black barley
Anthocyanin, known as an antioxidant,
Compared to regular barley, it contains 4 parts.
And uncolored, decaffeinated, sugar-free drinks
Meet one more healthy drink

‘Kang SoRa Profile’


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